Clinical Skills Pro

£0 to £249

Hundreds of professionally filmed and edited HD videos of clinical signs from acromegaly to yellow nail syndrome.  Test your knowledge with practice PACES carousels.  All content directed by leading UK teaching hospital based consultants.

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PACES prep

Bassetlaw Hospital, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, £250.00

A one day Saturday slideshow MRCP PACES course that concentrates on consolidating knowledge prior to undertaking the MRCP PACES exam.

This course has run since 2011 and is the only slideshow MRCP PACES course in the UK.


PACES prep London


A one day weekend slideshow MRCP PACES course that concentrates on consolidating knowledge prior to undertaking the MRCP PACES exam.

The only slideshow MRCP PACES course in the UK.

PACES Coaching


This is a 1-1 online Skype PACES coaching session. The coaching session will last 2 hours. This novel approach allows mentoring and tutoring to be delivered in the comfort of your own home.


Manchester Royal Infirmary,  £650-£1300

Paces4U is a MRCP PACES course that offers a variety of courses which include:

  • An extensive 4 day MRCP PACES course – £1300
  • 2 day Weekend Clinical MRCP PACES course – £750
  • Weekend Mock Exams – £650


St Georges Hospital, Tooting, London £1395

Established in 2001 and a pre-course Handbook is provided.

A comprehensive 4 day MRCP PACES course covering all stations in the MRCP PACES exam.

Cardiff MRCP PACES course


A comprehensive 3-day MRCP PACES course with a limit of 6 candidates per group which ensures that everyone gets individual attention.


Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, London £1395

This MRCP PACES course is a comprehensive 4 day clinical course covering all stations.

Dr Rupa Bessant is the course Director for Pass PACES and the Editor of “The Pocketbook for PACES”.

Queen Square MRCP PACES Neurology Course

Institute of Neurology, London, £380

The Queen Square MRCP PACES revision course has run continuously since 1995. Carefully tailored to the MRCP PACES exam, the course will help you turn Neurology from a weakness to an asset in PACES.

Held at one of the world’s leading Neurology centres the MRCP PACES course is taught primarily by Consultant Neurologists from the National Hospital.

Based in the National Hospital for Neurology

PasTest MRCP PACES course

London and Manchester £820 – £1395

PasTest has a long established history of involvement in Medical Education and offers a MRCP PACES course at two locations in the UK:

  • London MRCP PACES course (4 days) £1395
  • Manchester MRCP PACES course (2 days) £820

NeuroPACES (Liverpool)

The Walton Centre Clinical Neurology MRCP PACES course, £355

NeuroPACES is an intensive one day MRCP PACES course organised by the Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Liverpool which focuses on the neurological station of the MRCP PACES exam.

PACES Education

£85 – £1099

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EGP 10,000

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SS Academy


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Farz Auxiliar Academy


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AED 4,500

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Pass the PACES

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Osler’s Academy

INR 90,000

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INR 85,000

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ABMA Academy

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Newport PACES

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Harefield Cardiorespiratory PACES


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Royal Liverpool Hospital PACES Course

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PACES Bootcamp


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Let’s Pass


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£10 per hour

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